I am personally using these particular applications as video editing software which are free, me and my whole team was having some issues before when we were using some another applications for video editing and then in the process of finding a new one we got these best ones.

video editing applications

when compare their features with old one we were astonished. so, here are those best 8 video editing software which work in android, iOS, and even developed for windows and mac also. so, lets get started…


This is a fremium(premium plus free) based application which hava a lot of features in it. it is providing a lot of features with a lot of filters and stickers which really helps in making your video like a pro.


This software is really massive in most of the respects. and one should use it once to see ho much good this app is. so, it’s time to look cool in your era.

2.MagicVideo Plus

Although this software is quite good software which helps you making your video like a pro. with easy type of editing and addition of magic stuffs in that, this video would make your video just awesome.

filters like magic ball, magic thunder and other will make your video an awesome but mild type video.

MagicVideo Plus

If you are a tiktoker or a tiktok star you should use this app to make awesome and well implemented but mild videos.

3.CyberLink PowerDirector

Power director is one of those applications on internet which has its different and unique reputation throughout the world.

not just because of it’s provider is well known but also due to it’s features.


CyberLink is well known throughout the world because of it’s powerful and perform able application for a while and still it is able to continue with that.

So, if you are not using this application then, we will suggest you to use it once.


If you are interested in making videos on youtube and wants to become a youtuber or youtube star then,

this software is for you however, it is best working on windows or a mac but even if you run on mobile that will also work good.


As a fun application this is well known as one of the best application for youtube prank videos and more.

Funimate is still a good leader in making funny videos.


If you are going to purchase the premium plan for this then, you will find it as the best application or software ever but when you go on the free side then it’s not that good enough.


But, still this application will provide a vast variety of filters and features.

it’s free mode.

As, this is provided by wondershare one of the reputation in the market of editing this also make is quite authentic to use.

6. InShot

Inshot is one of the best usable application for android, iOS and windows and mac. this have been one of the best software for more than a year with 4.8 stars on playstore this has been ranked one of the best app.

you asked editors then you will find that this application is in their best choices.

Although it also have it’s premium base but free is quite sufficient to make you a pro.


Well, most of you already heard about this application but it has a major drawback.

That it’s watermark don’t remove even after seeing advertisements. but after this drawback it’s awesome.


But if you are going to buy it’s premium then it is going to be one of the best editing application for you. but still it don’t have that much magic edit options.

8.Viva Video

This video editing app has it’s own image in the market of editing apps. and you can even make your video and upload them on these applications as like tiktok or likee app.

Viva Video

As being on the top of the video editing apps on playstore. this software is still not the first like of editors because of same problem like kinemaster.

But of you are going to purchase it’s premium then you will find it an awesome one. but still its free is sufficient to make you like a pro.

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