In this context we are going to discuss 10 Ways through which you can safe your account from Facebook disabled your Account Feature.

10 Ways – Facebook will not disabled your account.

prevent facebook to disabled your account

1. Verifying E-mail & phone number Both.

Everyone knows about that “you can make a lot of e-mail id’s with one phone number and you can make a lot of facebook profiles with those e-mails”.

But, you can’t make more than one facebook profile with same mobile number.

But, what is the problem with it? as i already mentioned that you can’t make more than one facebook profile with same mobile number.

so, the chances of creating a fake profile comes to next to zero. so, verifying your profile with phone number is necessary.

2. Creating a Powerful Account by creating a facebook page.

It sounds to be little-bit unusual, but remember my words -” No one will say No to Money”. If you have a facebook page then you are indirectly opening a new way for facebook to earn money.

Facebook like facebook pages, for every account just make a page. even based on the profile.

The more you will make facebook pages from Profile – the more you will get the power of facebook.

3. Increasing the power of your Account so, Facebook will not disabled it.

The Power of your account is directly related to the minimum chances of disabling your page of profile of facebook. for this you have a variety of choices to do.

Here are some of the best ways through which you can increase the power of your profile.

This is one of the best and easy method of creating a powerful and not easy to disable account.

A powerful account is an account which facebook will not disable at all.

There are a lot of examples related to it. like Domain power for a website or PA for a page.

This is one of the easiest method of securing your account.

The more people will join with your group or page the more possibility of Authority you will receive for you profile.

You can also transfer your profile friends to you page followers and like just through a single click on facebook profile to page tab

4. Don’t try to be oversmart.

This is very crucial to understand that – Facebook is so much smart and overdeveloped then our thinking.

Facebook knows every single step you are taking on whatsapp, facebook, messenger or Instagram.

So it’s better to understand everything before actually doing it.

If you are thinking about the recovery of your fake facebook account

let me tell you a thing that, you need a phone number to give it to facebook and If you have already registered that number on facebook with someone else’s account than it will not be acceptable by facebook again.

So, every time you need a new number to register and apply for enable disable account.

How you can make Fake account on facebook with fake phone number and fake email?

5. Don’t send Friend request to non suggested people for first 2 days.

This is one of the major reason because of what facebook disabled your account.

For solving this issue make sure to not to send friend request to non suggested people.

Because for the first 2 days facebook take a very deep insights towards your account.

Even after 2 days please don’t just add friend from a single source. for example, you add 10 friends from one profile’s friend.

So, now try to add friends from another profile. this will not take you to breaking facebook rules and regulations.

6. Try to use your profile from one I.P. address the negative to disabled Facebook account.

Let me tell you what i mean from this,

Most of all must go through the facebook Terms & Conditions also. at facebook.

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