Do i need high domain authority to rank my website?

Well the answers is simply No, you don’t need high domain authority to rank. reasons are below:

This is my personal experience that this don’t matter a lot with is latest google update. all you need is to match exactly your title, as for an user search for.

For example, this is my first website, i really don’t have any experience in this blogging field. and i started alone.

Well still i am alone. but i created this website just 2 months before and most of my pages are ranking on the first page and many of them are ranking on the first position of the first page.

Still my domain Authority is 1 and i just have 22 backlins which i have created from blogger and other websites by myself.

and if you wants to see the proof of this you can mail me at feedback@meteours.com.

How do i get on the top of the page?

Well the answer is simple, you only need to match the correct, what the user is searching for, for example if she is searching for, good water bottle, then you whole title should be good water bottle.

It really works a lot, due to this i have made a huge impact on my pages, and you should do this also.

What is the effect of new update of google?

It’s simple from the example stated above, you can rank for exactly for the term. and this is because of google fast approach.

But why google is doing this?

Simple, because google wants that the user who is coming on their search engine should get the maximum result. this is also because of increase in vlogs as compared to blogs.

Effects on traffic due to new google update.

Well, for new bloggers it is just like a boon. he can easily rank for what they are making that blog and can easily get the better results. you can get to the top and make it happen.

but, for those big names this effects a lot. their traffic and daily visitors are decreased a lot. making a lot of difficulty for them to cover.

for seeing the proper implementation go to youtube channel.

Do you need high DA now?

Well, you have to. something is more than nothing. if you can increase your DA then you should. because google can change its algorithm anytime when ever it wants to. but still if you are not able to increase it.

I really suggest you to just improve you website speed. so, domain authority is no longer required.

What are those things a website need to rank on the top?

  1. Exact match to what user has searched for.
  2. good content.
  3. loading speed of your website.
  4. AMP.



All the information provided above are on the basis of feedback we have received and the analysis done by our team.

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so, if you also wants to give us feedback about anything above or about any product then you can give us at.

feedback@meteours.com. and we will do our best to provide you the best.

we are doing our best and very soon, we will add mostly all the products in the world.

and we are always here in your service. thank you for reading this information.

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