How you can grow with Facebook easily ?

How you can grow & gain with the help of Facebook is a set of logical but extraordinary points to grow and earn from facebook.

These Information is generated with that Single Point of Failure of Facebook and several other Platforms. and growing with facebook is our motive in this whole blog.

we have distributed the whole section into Three parts.

  1. How you can get more Followers on Instagram with Facebook.
  2. and How you can gain views on Youtube with Facebook.
  3. or How you can earn money through Facebook.

facebook - gain more views and followers

It is very simple to grow on facebook, because you can get more friends and more engagement on facebook. so, think about this – ” what would be, if you make so many accounts on facebook and grow from there.” we will cover through it.

1. How You will get more Followers on Instagram with Facebook.

I know that gaining followers on Instagram is not easy at all. but once you will discover that how much easy it is. you will find it awesome.

So, what you have to do?

Instagram is very good in everything but remember that each and everything in this world have a single point of failure. and here we are going to talk about it.

On Instagram you can follow any one you wants to up-to 300 a day and 60 at once. but what if you follow many big celebs and you gain more followers.

Now, this is the whole process – You have to follow big personalities and then after an hour just un-follow them, with in the time between you will notice that you have gained more than 5 or 6 followers, it just that simple.

You have gained real followers within an hour. Just repeat this trick for as much time you can, and after you will gain more than 10,000 followers your account will be promoting by Instagram.

This simple trick can help you grow easily and to earn money after sometime.

2. Gain More Views on Youtube with the Help of Facebook.

This seems to be very easy but it is not. “ Just think about this – even though you have a huge followers on facebook still you will get a little engagement”.

It seems to be a different answer, yes it is. facebook and youtube both are different companies so, if you wants to take your facebook audience to your subscribers – it is not easy.

This could be done only when your audience is surfing facebook in PC or browser, not in application.

Let me tell you what is happening there, when someone will open the link in application you have shared from facebook then facebook will redirect that person to your channel or video.

but for like, comment or subscribe, that person need to sign-in first. and remember that no one have time to sign-in and the subscribe to your channel. except 3 or 4 in 1000.

This is happening due to less possibility of malfunctions of facebook and other companies.

But You can gain more followers on Instagram with the help of facebook, because both of them are belongs to same company and both of them followup each other.

so, it is clear now why you can’t gain subscribers from facebook. but you can gain watch-time on youtube with facebook.

You can gain watch-time with the help of facebook. just think about this now.

You have 1 facebook id – total 5,000 friends maximum and that converts to 5,000 minutes if your friend see your video only for a minute.

Now, you have 10 facebook id – converts to 50,000 minutes and you need only 2,40,000 minutes to attain monetization on youtube. in just 5 times you attain the monetization.

3. Earn Money with Facebook.

There are a lot of ways through which you can earn money on facebook. here, we are going to discuss some of them.

There is a more detailed content available here on earn money with facebook , you can go with it if you wants to read more about this.

So, what you need to do now, first make sure you have a good audience on your facebook page. if you don’t have you can go through the video and see how to create a good audience.

Now, you have a good audience so, you are ready to make huge income for you. so, you can earn through various mediums like promotion of other’s products on your page.

For instance let’s take an example – you have good Facebook audience and now you can promote anyone’s product online. like the shop near your home or that garage in front of your house. ” YOU CAN PROMOTE ANYTHING”. and earn commission in reference.

Why don’t you take affiliate as a source of income? for this amazon is the best one. amazon is providing great deals and interest rates on products.

The best advantage of amazon is that, even if the potential customer don’t make purchase on the point and purchase within 24 hours or purchased something extra.

still you will receive commission on whole purchase.

If you want’s to “You can sell your own products online” You don’t need a huge production team or manufacturer. it’s so simple see how.

Is selling self-made product online is easy?

You don’t need to have huge production team or big manufacturers to sell something online. you just need yourself.

For now just think about this “You don’t have huge audience, who is ready to buy your product, you have to start small to reach there. just start from a printed shirt and sell it online. that’s how your business will start”.

You don’t need to build a delivery team, there are already a lot of them to work for you. they will deliver products for you and charge a little bit of money from you to deliver.

See it’s so easy to do.

There are a lot of business which started from scratch. so, it’s your time to do so.

You can grow with the help of Facebook in many fields. because it is very easy to grow on Facebook and generate income.