How you can Earn through Facebook very easily.

There are a lot of ways through which you can earn a lot of money with the help of Facebook.

earn with facebook

For now, if you don’t have a good audience on Facebook then you first need to create them. and if you have already have a good audience then, you should go through second para.

How to create audience on facebook easily and fast.

If you don’t have a good audience then, whatever product you will sell or whatever you will promote will not get a huge engagement. ultimately put all your hard-work in vain.

We are going to discuss in two ways, the first is pure legal way and the second is slightly illegal but very efficient way.

The pure legal way, now you have to make a facebook account first. if, you already have a one it’s good. now just start sending friend request to every person you see in your suggestion list. and then, create a page and invite all of your knowledge friends on your facebook account to that page.

Like this, just create your another account and start sending friend request to every person in suggestion list.

The slightly illegal way, crate many accounts from the very first point and then, just start sending request to any random person. send request to friends of friends of friends.

Please remember that “don’t send or receive request to the same person in your previous account otherwise you will send message to the same person”.

Now, just send invitation to all of them about your page. and you will generate a lot of audience.

How You can Earn From Facebook.

We are going to discuss a lot of ways through which you can earn money with facebook.

  1. Affiliate links
  2. Paid Promotions
  3. Self-made products
  4. Facebook Page Monetization.

How you can earn from facebook with affiliate links?

For this, the first thing i will recommend is an affiliate account. and if you are searching for a good affiliate network or platform – i really suggest amazon affiliates.

The best thing about amazon affiliates is, even the customer have not made purchase on the point, still if he purchase with in next 24 hours. you will still get commission on the whole purchase he made.

So, how you can earn from Facebook with affiliate links, you just have to take the link from the official website of amazon of the product you want to sell.

Make sure that, you praise about the quality and other benefits of the product. your adulation make the sales more effective.

The chances of someone’s making a purchase directly depends upon what you have mentioned about the product. if you are using that product already then, you better know about the qualities of the product.

How you can earn through paid promotions from facebook?

Paid promotions are in need of the world. every brand wants that – there products should be known by everyone. every business wants to create a good brand image in the market. so, every business do this.

But, how you can take benefits from this.

The most important thing is you have that audience they want. and they will pay you for every posts you will made for them.

This is how it will work, there are a lot of businesses who want to promote there products online, and there are various websites which can help you to reach them. there are a lot of them, you just need to google it. or search on the search engine you are using.

For instance, i am taking an example of the shop near my home. even though he has a great shop and his shop is good in it’s place. still if he will starts selling online he can make 2x or 3x profits as compared from now.

so, just think about this – what if i will tell him that you can earn a lot after selling online, which i already did. he believed on me and give me some money to promote him online. as i have a good audience online, it made me work good. and now he is receiving a good sales and i just promote him once in a week for INR 3000.

It’s so much easy because now a days everyone wants to grow online and huge profits are considered here.

How to sell self-made products online?

Now, if you are taking it lightly then i will tell you that, selling self-made products online is not that much easy as you are thinking so. even, you have huge audience – still you will face hurdles. But why?

One of the main reason is – You don’t have a brand image yet.

The most important factor determining every single sales is brand image. if your product doesn’t have a good brand image or just started yet then, you will face difficulties.

Let me explain you :

When you are doing paid promotions then, you are working as middle man between sellers and customers. and mostly customers already know about that product. so, the chances of purchasing that product by customers increases. but when you are selling your own product. then, the chances are very low.

You don’t have a brand image for that product and most important is your product is new – not easily trust-able by customers. so, your customers first need to check or try your product only then they will believe on you.

So, how you can prove that your product is reliable or trustworthy.

The most important thing is first sales. once you will meet your first sales then your customers will starts believing upon you and your product and from there words-of-mouth will starts.

Just make sure your product should provide quality to your customers.

You can also make a small step – you can do the unboxing of your product in front of your audience and talk about the specialty of your your products. this will help you in making your sales also.

Once you get the trust of your audience then, your business will take a boom and take you to the best as possible.

What about Facebook Page Monetization.

You can also use your Facebook page to get monetization, there are certain criteria’s for this. you can go through this page to learn more about this.

facebook page criteria

Here, you will find all the necessary requirements for it.

Facebook is a great place to earn, it’s so much easy to find audience on facebook. it’s so much easy to get monetization on facebook.

However, there are certain restrictions for this and you have to follow everyone of them. but still, facebook is the great source of Income.

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