How to Make.

This is something made for People who are confused in “How to make” problem.
Teaching how you can deal with almost every problem you are facing.

How to make – one of the most asked question ever. so, in this video we are going to talk about the ways through which you can make what ever you wants to.

be the part of change - how to make money

Make Your life easier, by making money.

The Most important problem – Money

This is the most important thing in life. because if you have money then you can make anything in the world.

Almost every time the “How to Make” problem or question is totally related to money. But how to solve this issue.

so, in this context we are going to discuss it’s solution & how you can easily solve these issues.

make the best of you.
How to Make

Let’s begin with the base. because base or root is the most important part to understand anything.

Types of Incomes.

A Passive income is the money generated without doing anything in present time because you already did hard work to start generating it.

An Active Income is the income for which you have to hustle every day or every couple of days.

But Which is the more Important – Active or Passive Income.

Simple – Passive Income. because if someone starts generating income in passive or constant terms without doing a lot of work then it ultimately take him to an easy life.

On the other hand if you are generating Active Income still then, you have a problem. because when you stop doing work you will be in your worst conditions.
Some of the Examples of Active Income is Salary based jobs, daily wages, etc…

How to Create a Passive Income?

There are various ways through which you can create your passive income but remember passive income takes time to get on auto-pilot.

So, before doing any type of business or startup or any other passive income you must know about the Strategies and Principles. & Analysis.

10 Strategies & Analysis. (Must read).

Ways to Create a Passive Income.

1. Youtube Video Creator.

Today almost everyone use Youtube and there are a lot of creators who are making money from youtube.
So, the popularity of Youtube is so much vast.

The Difficulty is First 10K Subscribers then, it’s easy to grow on Youtube. So, for this you can easily do advertisements on youtube.

With the right use of advertisements you can easily make 10K subscriber in 15 to 45 days.

Remember – A little Investment is needed for anything.

2. Blogging

Remember almost every information available on Internet including Google or other search engines, shows the results of Bloggers. even this Post is also a Blog Post.

And If you are thinking about the High Domain Authority or Page Authority then, You can read the following text.

Is high DA and PA is Important. (Must read).

In this context it is mentioned about the new updates of google and the ranking of blog posts.

3. Online Store

If you are thinking about opening an e-commerce store or Online store of Drop-shipping or some thing other related to Online E-commerce store then, i really recommend you to read this.

15 Problems in E-commerce Industry. (Must read).

By Solving these Problems – You will create an impact on the Mind of the customers. which will ultimately helps you to grow up.
If you are thinking about – how you will reach your potential customers or how they will reach you then, you can go with Digital Marketing.

Through Digital Marketing, Online advertising you can easily reach your potential customers. just take care of sales funnel.

how to make money & happiness

4. Long Term Trading.

Long Term Trading plays a very crucial role in Self-Financial Independence and Free Tension life. basically a lovely life everyone wants.

You can also go with Sort-Term Trading like in forex trading or many more [Only go if you believe on your luck otherwise you will lose money].

The reason I only like Long term trading is – in this you can withdraw money from market whenever you wants to. if you want to take your money after 20% profit then you can, because you have all of your shares in your hand. so, at the time when you earned 20% profit take your money out.

But, this is not same with short term trading, because the time you setup you will end up there. no matter profit or loss.

5. Facebook – grow fast – “How to make”.

The term Grow fast is truly for Facebook. there are a lot of features on Facebook which can really help you to make Passive Income.
If you Don’t know more about How you can grow with facebook then, you can read this.

How to Grow with facebook. (Must read)

One of the finest market is facebook. because facebook is becoming an invisible market for everything at such a rapid speed.
Including – Social media, shopping, online videos etc.

Videos Platform on Facebook.

Believe or not, Facebook is getting so much vast in the filed of videos. you can make $100 easily if you have enough followers and views on your page.

One of the most important part of this is Meme pages. although it is not tough to get importance on facebook for meme pages but still, You should have your content

Make sure that you haven’t copied somebody’s else videos.
For more about this, go with this post. I have already wrote a lot about this.

How you can earn with facebook. (Must read)

how to make facebook followers easily

Also, if you are thinking about disabling of your facebook account then, i made a post for that also.

How to Prevent facebook from disabling your Account. (Must read)

6. Free Lancing Activities.

If you are special in anything which could help others then, you can do it easily.
If you don’t know any special skill which could help anyone then you can learn that skill.

Free-Lancers are in great demand now a days, because mostly everyone seeking for someone who could do there non-core work. so, that they will focus only on there core work.

Every Big institutions, companies & Organization are doing this. even apple which is a very big company is doing this. they only focuses on there core work.

Free-Lancing could help you to make more than $1,00,000 per month. and the most attractive thing is – you are your own boss.

how to make an easy life & money

There are a lot of people who are doing this for there living and making a happy life. the clear answer of – “How to Make”.

Although, the final part is Money. if you are able to generate money. then you are doing good and if you are not then, there is something left behind.

7. Becoming an Influencer – “How to make”.

Everyone would know you, you are a celebrity or very much famous. then, becoming an Influencer is the thing.

If you like these things a lot like becoming famous then, I really recommend you to become an Influencer.

But how to become an Influencer ?

There are a kind of ways through you can do it. some of them are easy and some of them require a little amount of money. Must read.

You also know that – Instagram. is the king of all Influencers Platforms. so, this is a complete guide upon that.

Increase Instagram Followers. (Must Read)

how to make instagram followers easily
  1. Start making short videos – Short videos platforms are so much popular now. even, Instagram is also trying to take a piece of the pie in this. with the help of reels. instagram is trying to. In this context I have tried my best to give you what you want. you can read it and make it possible with a little bit of time.
  2. Make Funny & more engaging content – Believe or not but, funny content or entertaining content are most preferable by any user. so, this type can generate easy followers.
  3. Pay Influencers for Followers – Other famous influencers will promote your account. ultimately leads to more followers.
  4. Pay Advertisements companies – There are a lot of Digital Marketing companies who can help you a lot.
  5. Google Adsense or Ads – Google can help you in getting more reach & finally many followers.

How to make an easy life by following all these steps.

Although it is not easy to create a passive Income which would lasts for the entire life.

Still, there are a lot of ways through which you can create a passive Income and Ultimately a hustle free life.
All these 7 Points are the best which would never sets down at all.

But, there are also plenty of options available which will help you in Living a more convenient life.

8. Becoming an Online Educator.

Platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and many other are helping people to live a better life.

The concept is quite simple – You have to teach those skills you are good at to others. This will help you to make money.
This is one of the best thing – because you just have to make videos once and you will receive Income till the course is purchasing by others.

You have to update that course once a year. a little-bit of update like adding a new section of about 15-50 minutes. that’s it.

Now you just have to solve the queries of course takers once every month. and you are DONE.

9. Become an Entrepreneur – “How to make”.

It is not easy at all in the beginning but after a little time – depend how much would it take. The life will be easy.

Think about this,
You don’t have to do a lot of things. because you have people under you who will work for you.

Everything will be handled by them. You just have to live your Life.
Once in a while you have to see – How is your company going. and that’s it.

But remember the start is always the hardest part. If you are able to deal with that then, you will be rich.

And Rich always live there life without any Money problem.

How to make an Enterprise successful.

In the beginning if you are thinking that, It’s a lot more easy. then, you are wrong.

The hardest part is always the beginning. and the start will teach you all the thing. how to run a startup and many more things.
Creating an enterprise is not much difficult, but remember that “You have to make your life easy”. so, you have to work smart.

How you will start will define how much you will be successful.

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Creating or generating money is not that much difficult – if you have audience.

Having an Audience is very much important
Simply because, if you an audience then, companies will approach you to promote their Brand.

Becoming a Brand is not so much difficult. If you have the right guidance then you can easily make it possible.
Once you generating more than 1 Million Audience of your niche. then, you can make $1,00,000 very easily every month.

Audience is all thing. If you have audience then, you have everything.

If you have Audience then, you can Promote your Own products.
Even, you can collaborate with others and start making Income.

If you don’t have any Product to promote then, you can also produce a one and check is you have the required audience or not.
If you have then, it’s your way now.

And if you are thinking about creating audience then, you can visit links given above.
Links to these pages are given in Facebook & Instagram section.

We are glad that you reached here, we are happy to know what is your thinking in the comment section below.

Conclusion :

All the 10 points covered in this section will guide you – “How to make” & most important an easy life.
Making all the 10 Points will help you to generate thousands of dollars & eventually fulfilling your dreams.

Creating an audience – You can create audience from Facebook & Instagram.
more is given in the sections.

For the clear understanding of this Blog. make sure you also read every Must read links given above.

Thankyou for reading.