Best websites but charging different price for same products

On amazon @ 379/- for the pair of 7 number shoes.

on flipkart @ 369/- for the pair of 7 number shoes.

on Shopclues @ 449/- for the pair of 7 number shoes.

on Club Factory @ 499/- for the pair of 7 number shoes.

Why are they charging different?

There are certain policies of a company. the way they are exporting, importing such goods, due to original sellers and many more.

But, you need to see which is better for you. so, that you can save a lot of money for you.

What we do?

Well, we help you in finding best ecommerce website so, that you can buy the product you want at less price and with good quality.

How we generate such information?

Well we generate all these information with analysis of different website, we go to these websites and personally see which is the best website. so, that you can get the best.

We are also getting a lot of feedback which help us to generate such information.

We rank the websites on the basis of price, quality, authenticity and on overall basis.

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All the information provided above are on the basis of feedback we have received and the analysis done by our team.

so, if you also wants to give us feedback about anything above or about any product then you can give us at.

If you wants to see more products you may visit home page or catalog.

feedback@meteours.com. and we will do our best to provide you the best.

we are doing our best and very soon, we will add mostly all the products in the world. and we are always here in your service. thankyou for reading this information.

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