Here, we are going to discuss those 15 problems which a customer faced in ecommerce industry almost all the time he visits.

We will also go through the solutions for this problems. so, here are the problems which a customer have when he wants to buy something.

These Problems in ecommerce industry are small in saying but huge in effects.


1. Online Trust.

This is one one the major factor why a customer don’t want to buy from some of the websites. specially, when it comes to money everyone wants to go to some authentic website and want to buy from there. but this problem can be solve, but how?

Here you need to do this, you need to make a belief in the customer mind about you and for this you need to do some of the minor works but the impact is really matchless.

You need to give him some extra discounts, offers like free shipping 100% guarantee of product and thing like these.

ecommerce trust
Here is an example for you you can visit through

This i show you need to show, a proper authentic way.

2. Different Rates on different websites.

This Problem is making it’s impact every day on almost 99.99% of online buyers. this deals with the price difference on websites.

With effect from the beginning of this e-commerce industry this is one of the major problems on every website.

Let’s see how it works, let’s assume that you are going to buy shoes and you open a website to buy it. and then you open another website for shoes and you see that the same pair of shoe on the previous website is available on this website for less price as compared to it.

rates of websites are different

For instance, we have took the example of shoes but this is going through all the products on the Internet.

3. Quality is the Important factor.

Everything else may be work not so good but a little bit, but if any e-commerce website is not able to provide good quality product then, the possibility of it’s vanishing from the market will increase.

However, Quality is concerned as the top of all but still if you are charging a lot for them, then still your chances to remain in the market will not be so good. if you are going to take examples of big companies like LV, Gucci, etc. please make sure that your company should also be big as them.

The Quality of these Brand are of superior and the brand ambassadors are Super Stars and most important they are so much big that they have money to expend on Advertisements.

4. Fake Products.

Many e-commerce stores are selling fake product concerning that they are giving these products to there customers on less price. Many times e-commerce stores are also not aware of this that they are selling fake products. they just see the product is on less price so, just cover on their stores.

For instance let’s take an example of Club Factory, this website is providing fake product to there customers and if you wants to see the proof you can go through watches for men reality page. and for video see this.

This is real and go through our team survey. there are a lot of proofs covered here on this.

5. Data Stealing.

Data is so much important for anyone, from a beggar to a guy earning in billions. Just think about what will happen if your data will steal by someone you don’t even know or your data is using by someone you have never met with.

This is happening in real, My team did a survey on this also and they found many of the big companies are selling there database which cover all the details of purchase, from address to bank card details, from phone number to PAN card details and a lot more.

We did a survey on IndiaMart, a very good and reputed name in India Online Shopping Industry. But you know what we have found this as a Customer and Seller database selling company. Providing there Millions of users database for little bit less than $100.

We have made a complete video on this you can see this.

This is how they are making you fool and selling your data.

I can tell you if your data is selling online or not, If you are receiving calls, messages, texts, e-mails, letters from unknown people or companies on which you haven’t registered ever, then you data is selling online.

6. Online Payment Systems.

Once the customer selected what to buy then the next step is to made a purchase. if that customer want to do Cash On Delivery (COD) then it’s good because you don’t need payment system. but if customer wants to made payment in advance and do online payment.

So, you need a good payment system in this online shopping industry. one of the biggest reason behind why customers not made purchase is this.

Although if you have a good payment system and not cover almost all the ways through which the customer can made the purchase then still there is a chance to lose customers. so, you need to choose best Payment Gateways in ecommerce industry.

7. Hanging Out of website.

This is happening just a little-bit in every ecommerce business but still one of the major problem faced by everyone.

Happens when online store stops for a while like, for few seconds but if you are a big business these seconds could cost you a lot high. for example, is having a huge traffic at every single second. but what if, they starts having this issue it may tend to lose a lot of potential customers of amazon.

It seems to be a small problem for small business but it really effects your potential customers. once you starts looking towards this, you will see that, it is really cost you a lot.

8. Trouble shooting Problems.

Every website see this problem. new or old. big or small. everyone sees it. but, most of the customers shift themselves to another website because of this problem in ecommerce world.

The Most important thing in someone’s life is Time. everyone know that their time is precious. and time is very precious so, no one wants to waste his time in these trouble shooting problems.

An Error can cause you a lot.

9. Loading Speed ^.

For every customer the website should load fully and as fast as possible. make sure is a website doesn’t presented completely within 2 to 3 seconds. then, almost 50-55% of new visitors leave the site.

speed by moz this is study based on speed. this is very important for every user to do so. If your website speed is not good at all, then be ready to face the problem.

Speed by semrush, You can see the difference in Loading speed of various websites and the traffic they are generating.

Make sure that with this, your payment gateways speed is also very good. otherwise you may lose more than 40% of your customers just before they want to make a purchase.

This loading speed tend to low coverage in ecommerce industry and comes as a hug problem in e-commerce industry.

10. Delivery Coverage.

What if your customer is out of region? problems in ecommerce industry.

This is happening with almost every small business or online store. many times the potential customer is out of their coverage of delivery. for example, if you are a citizen of Nepal but the store from where you wants to buy product is located in India and it’s delivery is completely in India.

Even, you can easily move from India to Nepal without any visa or other restrictions but still you can’t make delivery to it. so, the barrier of coverage occurs.

Make sure that the store network should be strong enough to deal in other nations also. most of the time many new e-commerce online stores starts doing advertisements and don’t think about this coverage.

Now, there potential customer is in other nation but they can’t deliver there and the money they expend on advertisements all go in vain.

11. Product Return.

Many times the customer don’t like the product because of quality and other reasons but the most-time reason is quality and not exact look as shown.

Mostly everyone click the picture of that product DSLR or other high definition cameras and that improves the looks in picture. but when the customer sees it in real life this is all different from what has been shown to them.

This is one of the major problem in ecommerce industry because of which both customers and sellers faces losses.

For this if you click the picture of that product in sunlight or in daylight, this really looks good and make the product look like real. for this i really appreciated, which make their rooms good and click picture in Sunlight.

so, you need to focus on these problems in ecommerce (e-commerce) industry.

12. After Sales Services.

Once you have made a sale it’s not stop there. if you are not doing after sales services then you might lose you existing and acquired customers.

Every business knows that acquiring a new customer is two times more difficult than selling to existing customer. but many online stores forgot to do this and there existing customers were taken by there competitors.

After sales services includes many things like customer care, sending greetings on festivals, coupon codes, gifts, discounts, etc. to their existing customers who have already made purchase. these problems in ecommerce industry is very small but effects huge.

and if a business focuses on existing customers then this takes there business to word of mouth advertisement. which is free and termed to be the most powerful promotion in the world. an example of this is

13. Less Knowledge about Offers.

Many Potential customers are always in greed of offers. they want more and more offers on every deal. so, when they get to know about any offer they start making purchase.

But, most of the time your potential customers don’t get knowledge about the offers coming. so, they all should be acknowledge about it. but doing advertisements can cost a lot. for this an entrepreneur has a better plan every time.

You should have to think a lot about these strategies to make more sales.

Even if you have a good database you can still have a chance to gain your existing customers again. by sending messages about the offers and sending E-mail is quite worth now a days. that’s how data matters a lot.

14. Rude Service.

Every customer is important, because you don’t know from where words of mouth will begin. for this, you need a good communicating staff and sales person. even if the customer is not making sales every business should greet him. because of uncertainty of future.

It could be possible that that customer will make a purchase in future and if he likes you product then he will suggest others to. so, every customer matters. a big ecommerce problems part.

So, you need a good sales staff which is not rude at all. present every thing politely and with honor. remember that love is the biggest medicine in the world and no one can replace love.

A small greet sometime makes a big sales. this is how it works.

15. Proper Ads.

If you are thinking of doing advertisements then, you should only focus upon “who could be your customers”. I have seen many times that people do advertisements and not choose there particular group. they do advertisements in bulk which lead them extra expenses.

Use the latest technology to work on ads. you can find exactly whom you want. like on you can exactly target which audience you want. for example, if your product is for old people you can target there age circle like from 50-60 years.

How much you focus on your advertisements is equal to how much customers you can gain. this is a simple equation in ads.

SO, these are some of the problems customer and sellers face in online shopping ecommerce (e-commerce) industry.


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